Monday, April 13, 2009


Is anyone else as proud of me as I am that I'm posting this the day after the holiday?!?! Okay, I'll be honest... my memory card was full so I HAD to download the pictures :)

The boys finding their baskets Easter morning.

The Easter egg hunt at our house after church.

The Scavenger hunt at Gramommas.
Michael and Caden

Caden & Trey getting on their Power Wheels
to find their Easter Treasure.

Trey, Bella, Crew, Caden and Michael
Cute kids were blinded by the beautiful day!

Afterwards, we went to my parents house where so much is going on with Grandparents, 10 kids and 16 grandkids that I often forget to pull out my camera... and this happens to be one of those times (which makes me SO upset at myself!). We had so much fun celebrating this Holiday with Family and are so thankful for this time we have with them and also forever after because of Christ and his ultimate gift to us. Happy Easter!