Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

(Olivia's first bath - 11/2009) Olivia was born with a TON of hair! Well, a ton for our family. My boys were practically bald until they were 2, so we were thrilled our baby girl HAD hair! She was curious. Always looking around, trying to see whatever it was that she saw. Problem is, she would constantly be turning her head all the way from side to side and you know what that leads to...

...Baby Bald Spot Syndrome or BBSS for short. (Those of you who know me may say that she gets this from my side of the family :) Love you Dad!) It's progressive but the good news is she's over the worst of it! 3/2010

It has thinned out and lightened up. Funniest part (besides the huge bald spot in back) is that she has ONE super long hair on top of her head. It has to be twice or maybe three times as long as the rest. Hopefully a premonition of what's to soon come! Love our Livee! 4/2010

Game Boys

My talented boys have figured out a way to help me by holding Olivia WHILE playing their games. I know, they're pretty much amazing huh?!? ;)

Caden 12/2009

Cody 2/2010


The more kids I get, I've come to realize that someone will always either be sick, hurt or crying for whatever reason. Hardly EVER is everyone satisfied, full and happily playing. I hope you other mommies have similar lives... If not, I guess I better be changing the way I do, well, EVERYTHING!

Trey got an infection in his gums on Thanksgiving day (on the left side his cheek was all swollen). Poor kid couldn't eat anything because of the pain and was fevering and sleeping most of the day. We were sure THANKful to our dentist who fixed the problem (haha! I'm lame...) Needless to say, we've all upped our flossing. 11/2009

Caden & Trey were in their room getting their jammies on when we hear a loud -SMACK- followed directly by Caden scream-crying! We run in there and busted up laughing! Caden sure didn't find it as funny as Cody and I did! Can't see it in this one? Look below...

This is the EXACT replica of Trey's hand!!! I knew it hurt Caden like crazy, and after we were done wiping OUR tears from all the laughter, we had to go back and TRY to punish Trey. 1/2010

We were waiting outside to go visiting teaching and it was pretty windy. I told Trey & Michael to put their hands in their front pockets like I was to keep their hands warm. I heard a little voice saying maybe that's not such a good idea, but I thought, we're just standing here and we'll be leaving in a minute. Well Michael decided to try and bite my leg. Instinctively I moved out of the way and before I even realized what happened, all his weight landed smack dab on his nose and lip. I never have been so grateful that he's such a skinny little kid, realizing the outcome could've been MUCH worse than the looks of this. I felt horrible! My sweet visiting teach-ee took care of him and he snuggled in and fell asleep on her. Thanks again Amy! 3/2010


Not only am I tired from being up with Olivia at night, but she seems to make everyone around here sleepy too!

Me, Michael and Olivia. 11/2009

Me, Michael and Olivia... again... This time I thought I'd better take advantage of being stuck by two sleepers. 11/2009

While I was feeding Olivia, Michael threw a fit and rolled under the bed. ONE of the hardships of having a baby, I couldn't deal with him until she was done. After constantly kicking the bed to remind me that he was upset, he slowly stopped and grew quiet. When I checked on him, this is what I found. Put Michael down for a nap... CHECK!!! 12/2009

Trey was feeding Olivia a bottle and fell asleep. Cute kid adores his sister and helps out any way he can. 12/2009

Michael LOVES to be by Olivia doing anything, including sleeping. For the first 5 months of Olivia's life, we let Michael sleep in her bedroom (in his own bed). It was the only way he'd stay asleep and the only way I'd get ANY sleep at all! 1/2010

Sweet Brothers! I don't find Caden and Trey this close (without fighting) very often so I had to document it. 1/2010

Cody says Olivia is his little sleeping pill. He holds her and he's instantly asleep. I say that's a convenient way to get a nap!... Good thing it's adorable! 2/2010

I think I have a picture of each of the boys sleeping this way in their little red chair. Here's Michael's turn. 3/2010

Okay, Okay, so he doesn't ALWAYS fall asleep while holding her... 4/2010

...He's not picky - he'll take a nap with anyone :) Thanks Cody for working so hard for us! You deserve to sneak in a nap whenever you can! 2/2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My baby is getting SO big!!! I look back at these pictures and feel little heart pains, knowing this is the last time I'll hold a tiny baby that is my own. It's a good thing that with every stage, she gets more and more fun! Here's a look back at then and now... (well close to now. I'm ALWAYS behind!)

November 20, 2009 (8 days old) :

Resting on Cody's arm. Even her tiny newborn diapers were huge on her.

All of my children's hands. This is one of my favorite pictures. Caden had to hang on to Olivia's hand- she kept trying to pull it away to get into the fetal position.

Her tiny feet.

She's always been able to give the best scowls, even in her sleep :)

March 15, 2010 (4 months old)

I LOVE those Cheeks! Just wanna kiss her!

Patience was getting her to laugh so hard! You can bearly see, but this was the very first time I painted her pretty pink toes.

Adorable baby doll!

She got bored and finally decided to fall asleep. My mom gave her this hat in the hospital and it was twice the size of her head... now it doesn't even fit her. After 4 kids, I'm still amazed how quickly they grow!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Blessing Day

Olivia was blessed on Sunday, January 3rd, which also landed on Cody and my 9th Anniversary! It was a beautiful day in which we are so happy we could share with our family and friends. Cody did a wonderful job blessing Olivia and despite all my nightmares of a screaming baby, she was perfect. We are so grateful for our little family and love our children so much.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Pictures

My Mom is a Young Women leader and made Olivia's blessing dress as her personal progress project. She found a pattern and taught herself how to knit. She had to undue it many times and was so frustrated with it, but after hours of work, tears and prayers, she completed it. It is so beautiful and means so much to me.