Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Pictures

My Mom is a Young Women leader and made Olivia's blessing dress as her personal progress project. She found a pattern and taught herself how to knit. She had to undue it many times and was so frustrated with it, but after hours of work, tears and prayers, she completed it. It is so beautiful and means so much to me.

Christmas Time


Our Gingerbread house

The boys decorated their Christmas tree all by themselves!... Well, Trey & Michael lost interest after about 2 ornaments - Good Job Caden for sticking it out.

Aunt Belva sent the boys some early gifts. They were SO excited!


Opening Jammies on Christmas Eve
Caden got Camo/skater, Trey got Clone Wars, Michael got Buzz Lightyear & Olivia got Pink Polka-Dot.

Reading the letters that Santa wrote & mailed to each boy. They arrived on Christmas Eve, just in time.

Caden spent SO much time at school making a perfect present for me - a book about how each country celebrates Christmas. It was written and colored so well!

Caden and Trey couldn't be happier with their gifts!

In true Michael fashion, this was the first picture he would actually let us take of his face... what a little stinker!!!


Michael, Trey, cousin Crew & Caden opening presents at Cody's Grandma's house.

Cody's sweet Aunt Belva cuddling Olivia.

Cody's Uncle Brad getting the overly tired Michael to sleep. Thank you!

My Dad, Michael & cousin Paige. These two are constantly fighting over who Grandpa will hold or play with or sit by or look at... it's pretty funny!

Trey, Caden and me, trying to figure out how a toy works... dang bakugans :)

If you look REALLY closely, you can see that Santa's holding Olivia.

We had a Wonderful Holiday and are so grateful that we could share it with our families at this special time of year.