Monday, February 16, 2009

New Old Bathroom

I figured I'd post these pictures since mid-project, I told and showed some of you the mess I was in!
Our master bath got a crack in it a few years ago. It's just fiberglass but it was a soaking tub so of course it's more expensive to replace. We tried fixing it and that worked for a minute but after it cracked again, we took over the boy's bathroom and had to walk down the hall to shower. (It proved how spoiled we are cause it was so annoying to us!) After watching many designer shows, I decided I could totally remodel our bathroom! I ripped out the tile (which if anyone else has done this, it's not 'ripping' but more like banging, back breaking, ear peircing work). It is in the corner of our house and closed all doors but the tile, grout and cement dust got everywhere. We took out the tub entirely since we've used it maybe three times in the last 7 years that we've lived here, also figuring we have two other baths if we feel so inclined. Taking the tub out showed that the builders didn't support the tub correctly which is why it cracked.
After going to Home Depot to buy the tile and get some advice, I decided I was way over my head. Instead we got some bids. The person that came in the lowest was the same person that tiled our basement and he did such a good job that we weren't concerned in the least. I told him what I wanted, picked out the tile, he gave some suggestions and then went to work. His work is amazing as you can see! We can actually use our shower for the first time in years! It has a built in shelf and shower seat and everything is tiled with beautiful details. If anyone needs tile work done, I have his name and number for you :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know I'm horrible at posting things remotely close to when they actually happened and I apologize! I hope these cute pictures make up for the fact they are so late!

This year I finally made Christmas Cookies with the boys! Trey thought he was so sneaky and ate the frosting and sprinkles the entire time. Michael had fun crushing up his cookies then throwing them on the ground. Caden and I stayed until the bitter end making sure all the cookies were perfectly decorated!
We are such a good team!

Here are our edible masterpieces! The were so yummy!

The boys in their Christmas PJs! Caden got Army Men ones, Trey got Iron Man ones and Michael got Spiderman ones.
Awww, they look so cute!

Our Christmas Tree after Santa came.
We were REALLY good this year!

Opening Christmas presents at our house!

The boys got their own Laptops! Caden's is a Cyber Spy and Trey's is Little Einsteins. They were so excited to have one's like ours!

They could hardly wait to play their laptops! We got their cousin Crew a spiderman computer so they all had to show each other, even though none of them were paying attention to anything but their own. Funny Kids!

These are our little Clone Trooper Bobble Heads!!! Aren't they adorable?!? Cody's Mom and Dad got these for the boys and obviously they were an instant hit! Thanks Bruce and Billie, the boys have been asking for these for months!

Michael got the cutest little Airplane and penguin set but he was far more interested in his most favorite food in the world... Pringles! He gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees the can, then once you open it, he reaches in and grabs a handful then shoves them in his mouth! I hope I never forget how cute it is when the can is almost empty, his arm is the perfect length - it's up to his armpit so he can get his precious last chip!

I know this picture is hard to see but I had to post it anyway. This is at my Mom and Dad's house. Caden got a Mars Mission Lego set, Trey got a Mac and Lightening Cars block set and Michael got a Sock Monkey made by my Mom. You couldn't have picked more perfect gifts for each of them, thank you!

It seems like Christmas flies by faster each year. I enjoyed every second of my boys' joy and excitement over seeing family and of course their presents! I am so thankful for this time we have to celebrate our Savior's birth with friends and family!
Merry Christmas :)