Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

(Olivia's first bath - 11/2009) Olivia was born with a TON of hair! Well, a ton for our family. My boys were practically bald until they were 2, so we were thrilled our baby girl HAD hair! She was curious. Always looking around, trying to see whatever it was that she saw. Problem is, she would constantly be turning her head all the way from side to side and you know what that leads to...

...Baby Bald Spot Syndrome or BBSS for short. (Those of you who know me may say that she gets this from my side of the family :) Love you Dad!) It's progressive but the good news is she's over the worst of it! 3/2010

It has thinned out and lightened up. Funniest part (besides the huge bald spot in back) is that she has ONE super long hair on top of her head. It has to be twice or maybe three times as long as the rest. Hopefully a premonition of what's to soon come! Love our Livee! 4/2010


Cameron and Selina said...

Preslee is getting that bald spot...she is super curious too!