Thursday, May 13, 2010


Not only am I tired from being up with Olivia at night, but she seems to make everyone around here sleepy too!

Me, Michael and Olivia. 11/2009

Me, Michael and Olivia... again... This time I thought I'd better take advantage of being stuck by two sleepers. 11/2009

While I was feeding Olivia, Michael threw a fit and rolled under the bed. ONE of the hardships of having a baby, I couldn't deal with him until she was done. After constantly kicking the bed to remind me that he was upset, he slowly stopped and grew quiet. When I checked on him, this is what I found. Put Michael down for a nap... CHECK!!! 12/2009

Trey was feeding Olivia a bottle and fell asleep. Cute kid adores his sister and helps out any way he can. 12/2009

Michael LOVES to be by Olivia doing anything, including sleeping. For the first 5 months of Olivia's life, we let Michael sleep in her bedroom (in his own bed). It was the only way he'd stay asleep and the only way I'd get ANY sleep at all! 1/2010

Sweet Brothers! I don't find Caden and Trey this close (without fighting) very often so I had to document it. 1/2010

Cody says Olivia is his little sleeping pill. He holds her and he's instantly asleep. I say that's a convenient way to get a nap!... Good thing it's adorable! 2/2010

I think I have a picture of each of the boys sleeping this way in their little red chair. Here's Michael's turn. 3/2010

Okay, Okay, so he doesn't ALWAYS fall asleep while holding her... 4/2010

...He's not picky - he'll take a nap with anyone :) Thanks Cody for working so hard for us! You deserve to sneak in a nap whenever you can! 2/2010